Sunday, February 25, 2018

IR is hard

I'm playing with a Broadlink RM3 Mini 3 (AKA the Blackbean). It's a WiFi IR transceiver, it can send and receive IR signals and relay that information, via WiFi, to listening applications. I found some Python software that allows me to send and learn IR from the Blackbean. I say learn rather than receive because it appears that the receive IR doesn't always match the initially received IR. This is the raw IR signal (undecoded). This makes sense as I've tried many remotes and the Blackbean records all of them. Since there are many different types of signals a raw signal makes a lot of sense. Of course, this makes comparisons hard since the same raw signal may not look the same twice. So far I've not had enough time to decode what was received into it's discrete signal. Once I do that I can use the Blackbean as gateway to my home automation. At the moment it's just learn the IR commands of various devices and send the captured IR when needed.


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