Monday, January 02, 2012

Happy New Year!

Well last year was not a good year (but it wasn't a bad year either). A lot of stress and change. I'm hoping this year will be a lot better. So far it looks like it's following the same roller coaster ride as last year. Let's see if I can get off this ride before it wrecks.

My wife picked out some very nice Christmas presents this year. I received man Dr. Who related gifts. One that sticks out is a Tardis USB hub. When you plug in a USB powered USB device it makes the Tardis noises and flashes the light on top. I took a look inside and found it has a GL850G - USB 2.0 Low-Power HUB Controller inside along with another board that controls the light and sounds. The second board is connected via 4 wires. I can guess 2 are power and ground but I'm not certain what the other 2 are for. I doubt it's USB as no ID shows up for the extra device when I plug it in. I'm also playing with the Microchip PIC32 so I think I'll drop one into the Tardis and see if I can get the Tardis to do more than just play the sounds and flash the light. :-)


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